trequanda1Trequanda is an ancient and charming village which stands on a hill between the Chiana Valley and the valley of the river Ace.

The origin of the name could derive from the Etruscan hero "Trakonte" as well as from the ancient name "treguarda," referring to the three gates of the city. A fire, occurred to the archives in 1600, however,delivered to the mystery the etymological knowledge of the history of this village...


The countryside

trequanda1 Taking the road that leads fromTrequanda to Siena through Asciano, you will take the beautiful "Via Delle Crete".

The show that will open to the visitors is poignant and joins man to nature through a landscape drawn by gentle rolling hills and paths of cypress trees.

The hills in the near from Poggiolo’s farm offer the opportunity for wonderful walks, mountain biking or hiking excursions in the race.

Towns and Cities

trequanda1Trequanda is close to Siena, Arezzo, Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Montichiello.

Those are just some of the wonderful locations that you can easily reach from Trequanda; the area is also rich in medieval villages to discover.