Enrico e ChetyFinally, to enjoy the pleasures of Tuscany, we will offer a glimpse of one of the most popular oils in cooking, the local home oil!

The Oil of "Poggiolo Farm" is born from the friendship between me and Enrico, a mason in love with his job, who helped me with his enthusiasm to make the rooms of my house as you can see them today.

Enrico with his wife Chety, grows olive trees for passion and tradition and he offers a limited but really excellent production of oil.
oilThe Tuscan olive oil has a fruity, smooth, soft taste, and it's part of all the dishes of our tradition, enriching them with a certain elegance, starting with the poorest, such as the famous and delicious "Panzanella", to the more elaborated.

When you'll arrive we'll offer you a little taste of it.. then, if you want, you could decide to bring some flavour of Tuscany to your home.

Margherita, Enrico & Chety.