Dear friends,
Welcome to Tuscany, to my house. This rustic stone farmhouse, once inhabited by animals and farmers, is the home of my childhood, of the memories of my family, the root and the heart of my story.

The years and life cghoices have led me to live far away, although every time I can I go back there and that's why I chose to make my house a sort of "Holiday House" for those who want to discover Tuscany with its characteristic cypresses, hills and “cretes”. But do not expect the classical structure! The one of postcards, maybe furnished with style and comfort, like television ore satellite ... oh no!! My Home tells well about its history, the history of people who lived there and now, thanks to the collection of thoughts of those who have already spent time there, even the emotions that it gave them.

In the house there is the furniture of my family, from my grandparent's to the one that I chose, it's full of objects, each one with its history. Here you can relax, read, listen to music, find time for yourself in the silence, "meet" people next to you, get asleep with the crickets in the night. You can also bring your 4-legged friends. Dozens of dogs and cats have made the history of this place, in the years, running around in the garden and becoming part of the family with their personalities and their histories. This means that your animals are and will always be welcome.

Dear friends, if you're ready to experience a "different" holiday... Welcome to Poggiolo.
Margherita of Podere Poggiolo